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Design A Life Worth Smiling About

  • Did you know there have been many scientific studies on the power of smiling? People who smile more have less stress, have better relationships, are more successful in their careers, and literally live longer! This fun, energizing, and entertaining seminar goes beyond the studies. Attendees will learn specific techniques on how to design a life worth smiling about! We guarantee your attendees will leave this Keynote with less stress, focused, and motivated to start being in action in their lives towards what’s really important to them.

Attitudes of a Top Producer

  • Whether your working with a buyer or seller, your attitude accounts for 50% of the sale. If an agent knows technique, but has a poor self-image or a bad attitude, that technique is going to make little or no difference in their career. In this seminar, agents will learn: what are the attitudes of a top producer, how to get motivated and stay that way, and how to have less stress and more fun in their careers. An exciting and fast-paced seminar!
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How to Double Your Income In 12 Months or Less®

  • Along with being a fast paced, high energy seminar, agents will get an overview of what is necessary to double their income. It’s combined with motivational and how-to techniques with a tremendous amount of audience participation. This is a highly requested seminar by Boards and other organizations.
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How to Get More Listings at a Higher Commission

  • Attendees will learn how to show sellers how they will net more by paying a higher commission, how to create value during the listing conversation that justifies higher commissions and learn dozens of commission objection handling techniques.

How to Get Your Listings to Sold In Today’s Market

  • Listings are the name of the game! How many times have we heard that – but the big questions agents have is what do you do once you get the listing? In this seminar, agents will learn: the concepts to servicing sellers, how to stay in communication, and a process for servicing listings without exhausting one’s time. Agents will list as many homes as they think they can handle. This seminar is essential if you want your agents to increase their inventory without working more hours.
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Master The Art of Listing FSBOs and Expireds

  • Everyone knows that listings are the name of the game. The challenge is most do not know how to effectively work FSBOs and Expireds so they are generating 6-10 listings a month from just this area. Anyone that has worked with Darryl Davis knows he is a master in this area and he will share the winning techniques that have helped so many of his students generate tens of thousands of dollars from this great source of listings leads.

How to Play With Buyers and Make More Sales

  • Salespeople will spend a lot of their time showing a lot of buyers a lot of homes, only to end in frustration with no sale. In this seminar, agents will see that perhaps it’s not the number of buyers one often has, but rather the quality of the buyer that makes the difference. They will learn the techniques to qualify the buyers’ motivation, spend less time showing homes and yet, write more transactions.
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Conducting Successful Meetings to Double Productivity

  • Can a company achieve their goals without the sales staff’s participation? The ultimate success, or failure, depends on the production of the salespeople and in this seminar, broker/managers will learn how to set goals, communicate these goals effectively, and have the salespeople contribute to the “team” effort. This seminar is ideal for any company that is interested in their office(s) being #1.

Four Powerful Principles for Agent Retention

  • This seminar is based on hours of research. We interviewed the fastest growing real estate companies in the United States to see what they do to not only recruit successful agents but how to keep them. This seminar is a result of this research!

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